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General Information

  • If you are not a member and are interested in joining please email:

  • The annual membership fee for players is $200. Please bring cash or cheque to the next rehearsal if you have not already paid for this season. Members are encouraged to make a cash donation in addition to the membership fee. A tax receipt will be issued for the membership fee and any additional donation.


  • Rehearsals are held on Wednesdays at 7:30 pm in Burlington. 

Audio Archive

The Symphony on the Bay audio archive comprises 35 concerts recorded from 1973 to present including about 140 pieces of music. From 1973 to 2012, the original recordings were on cassette tapes. All of these have now been transferred to digital files at the Jazz Kitchen Studio. From 2013 onwards, the recordings were done digitally at BPAC (a few elsewhere). The digital files are being edited and remastered at the Jazz Kitchen Studio. Specific pieces of music are posted on SoundCloud as they are completed. With only a few exceptions, the quality of the recordings and the performances are surprisingly excellent. For the moment, the music is only available for streaming, not download. Downloads may be considered in the future. Click the SoundCloud logo below to access the archive.

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