As a beacon of the classical music ensemble landscape, Corey Lyle Gemmell, an esteemed violinist, resides in Markham, Ontario. His prowess as a soloist and chamber musician has illuminated stages across Canada, Germany, the United States, and China, marking notable performances with various orchestras, and playing an array of symphony orchestra repertoire.

Mr. Gemmell holds the distinguished position of concertmaster for several eminent groups, including the Burlington Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra Toronto, Mississauga Symphony Orchestra, and Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra. This illustrious list extends to the Toronto Mendelssohn Choir Orchestra. His expertise in this role is further evidenced by collaborations with the National Academy Orchestra, the Elora Festival Orchestra, and the Toronto Concert Orchestra.

In the realm of chamber music, Corey’s contributions are paramount. Currently, he lends his exceptional skills to Ensemble Vivant, a key group in the Burlington music scene. Their harmonious symphonies have been immortalized in several recordings. Besides, he’s a pivotal member of the Elgin String Quartet and the National Piano Trio. His affiliation with New Music Concerts led him to lead workshops at the National Conservatory of Beijing in 2016. Notably, he graces the stage in prestigious series like the Chamber Music Society of Mississauga, Array Music, and the Kitchener-Waterloo Chamber Music Society.

“Music is not something you do in order to have a really comfortable life… music is really it’s something that chooses you. It’s a vocation… music for the love of it. No matter what happens, no matter who is there, no matter how many are there, that’s what we’re there for.”

Educating the next generation, Mr. Gemmell proudly serves on the faculty for the inaugural season of the Great Lakes International Summer Music Institute and the National Music Camp of Canada. His insights have also enlightened students at the Royal Conservatory of Music and the University of Western Ontario. An esteemed member of the Royal College of Examiners, he regularly imparts knowledge in masterclasses and judicates at music festivals, reinforcing the classical music experience for many.

Listeners can revel in Mr. Gemmell’s virtuosity in recordings, such as the Mozart Effect, and works with Ensemble Vivant. His collaboration for the Royal Conservatory of Music’s syllabus on compact discs stands as a testament to his calibre. His repertoire extends to compositions by greats like Mozart, Brahms, and Ravel.

Crafting his melodies, Mr. Gemmell plays on a custom violin crafted for him in 2005 by the acclaimed Toronto luthier, Hracth Armenious, and a timeless piece from Milan, crafted in 1907 by Cipriano Briani.